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If you need my help,

In this week, I realized that there is more information about the earthquake, so I would like to post some information here only from time to time, but if you need some help (translation, reading Japanese info. etc.), just feel free to contact me.

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Local governments in Kyushu and others now prepare housing:

Saga City (Fukuoka prefecture) provide houses for victims/affected people of Kumamoto Earthquake.

The city offers 153 public houses/apartments in the city.

*It is not written about details (necessary documents etc.), so you might ask for help to call the office. (if you don't speak Japanese).

Saga-ken Kendoseibi-bu kensetsu-jyutaku ka (Saga prefectural government)

Address: Saga-shi(city) Jyonai 1-1-59


Tel: 0952-25-7368

from 9:00 to 18:00 from Mondy to Sundy (included national days)

開設時間 9時から18時(土曜日、日曜日、祝日も開設)

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1. Hospital (updated 24/04/2016)

2. Smartphone and mobile's charging stations (updated 24/04/2016)

3. Pharmacy and drugstores (24/04/2016)

4. Baths (updated 23/04/2016)

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You can take a bath for free (but this service is only for victims of the earthquake)

I wanted to translate this page, but it is written that they are updating very often and asked not to copy the page, so I just put the Google map's info.

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Coin Laundry info from Kumakyu

Here is the HP:

From the top (if you click the addresses in Japanese below, you can jump to Kumaque's HP directly),

At the first sentence of the names, if you see 【営業】, which means that the coin lanundry is open.
If 【不明】is written, there is no information about the laundry.

If you click on the addresses, Google Map comes out.

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